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Kid Box is a similarly cloyingly sincere double bill. (The Times - Donald Hutera)
A MOTHER illuminates her daughter with a hand-held light as they dance. It’s a touching scene and a promising start to this double bill from Taiwan’s Feng Dance Theatre, and this company clearly has much to offer.
(Scotsman - Kelly Apter)

The light of a mother's love shines out in Kid. Quite literally, as a torch - strapped to a female dancer's wrist - is like a follow-spot, chasing and embracing the girl who is her child. It's novel and the dancers are themselves attractive to watch.(Mary Brennan)

Feng Dance Theatre’s Kid Box (***) is quite well executed, and the music rather involving. But it is the technical, particularly the lighting, which impresses—mostly that used throughout Kid. (ACROSS THE ARTS - Michael Cox)

Brilliant Ventures Out of the Box With 'Kid Box' From Feng Dance Theater at Edinburgh Fringe Festival. And it’s brilliant, captivating and enthralling. (Helen I. Hwang)

獲泰晤士報(The Times)當日推薦節目,Taiwan's inventive Feng Dance Theatre goes from mother/child relation to the concept of the cube.

“如何完全消失How to Disappear Completely”的美國燈光導演Itai Erdal說:看Kid Box讓他極度震驚與感動。