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藝術總監X編導演|顏鳳曦 Dominique Feng-Hsi Yen

Artistic Director and Choreographer
Dominique Feng-Hsi Yen

She received her BFA and MFA in Dance from the California Institute of Arts. Currently, she is associate professor and head of dance department of Tainan University of Technology. She has been the Artistic Director of Feng Dance Theater since 2005.

During 1997-2005, her performance has been presented in many different dance companies, such as Feng Dance Theater, Assembly Dance Theater, Taipei Capital Ballet, Kaohsiung City Ballet, Ku and Dancers, Sun-Shier Dance Theater, and DI-DI Dance Theater. In 1999, she was the Taiwanese representative of choreographers for the Asia Yung Choreographers’ Festival. In 2003, her dance was chosen to New Idea Dance Show of National Theater. In 2004, she was the Taiwanese representative of choreographers for 2004 Cloud Gate 2 young choreographer event. In 2005, she received “Young Out Standing Artist Award” from Kaohsiung city government. In 2006, she was invited to 2006 Cal arts Dance Ensemble. In 2007, her dance was invited to celebrate 20th anniversary of National Theater of Taiwan. From 2009-2011, she was assistant Professor of Performing Art Department of Shu-Te University. From 1997-2009, She taught at Fu-Jen University, Taipei Physical Education College, Kaohsiung Medical University, Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages, Dance program of National Zhong-Zheng senior high school, Dance program of National Cha-Chi Senior high school, Dance program of National Lan –Yang Senior High School, Dance school of Taipei Hwa-Kang Art school, and Dance School of Chung-Hwa Art School.

Her important works include, 2013”Kid”, 2013”MOM”, 2003”Box”, 2012”Relation”, 2011”Terrace Under the Terrace”, 2011”Human Trust”, 2007”New Art Marketing”, 2006”Joy of Life”, 2002”Kitchen”, “Wash”, “Window”, 1998”Balloon Only Has Skin, But Nothing Inside”, 1997”Fish can Whistle”, …act.