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Feng Dance Company

Feng Dance Company

Introduction to the Dance Company and Experiences

The Director of Feng Dance Company (FDC) has long been a devotee in the promotion of contemporary dance creations and expanding the horizons for choreography in Taiwan. FDC is adamant in the pursuit of original creativity and crossover collaborations, and continues to strive after artistic practices that foster the connection between dance art and daily life.
Since 2010, FDC has stretched its creative productions to the annual Beyond Contemporary Interdisciplinary Dance Workshop. Starting from 2020, prestigious dance performers of wide renown were invited from home and abroad to join the Feng Dance International Gala.
FDC has wide range courses in body readjustment, pilates, contemporary and improvisational dancing, and is an avid advocate for quality and professional dance programs.
The creative vision of Feng Dance Company
Contemporary dance may seem at first abstract, but it is indeed one of the closest representations that we can obtain as an artistic expression of daily life. The artist who becomes aware of life and the world through visual and bodily sensual stimulation creates a work of art that poses questions back to life and the world. As Maurice Merleau-Ponty once said, “Visible body, invisible spirit”, “The shape of everything goes into the work. He who comes through the eyes, speaks to the eyes.”

2017-2022: had been selected as the outstanding performance team and the art star by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tainan City Government.
2021: was invited to participated in the Busan International Dance Festival.
2020: organized the first Feng Dance Festival.
2020: was invited by the World Dance Alliance Asia-Pacific (WDAAP).
2019: was invited to participate in the Sibu International Dance Festival.
2018:was invited to participate in the Chuncheon International Mime Festival, one of the three major mime festivals in the world.
2017: was invited to take part in the Taiwan-Korea-Japan co-production “222” for the Daehangno Small Theater Festival.
2016: was selected to perform in the WDAAP event.
2015: was selected to organize “Joint Structure with Poetry” for the Formosa International Poetry Festival in Tamsui.
2014-2015: was selected as the outstanding performance team by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tainan City Government.
2014: was selected by the Cultural Affairs Bureau for one of the programs for Taiwan Season at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
2013: won the exquisite Taiwanese program by the Tainan Arts Festival with “Mother”.
2012: was nominated for the best performance arts award in the 2nd season of the 11th Taishin Arts Award with “The Relationship: Refined Version”.
Program productions
2022: Feng Dance Festival-Ha Nga Ca La、An Answer、Wrap、Pied A Terre、Snails
2021: Identity, In the name of being, My Inner Fish

2020: Feng Dance Festival, Yin-Yang, Magnetic
2018: New Wave
2018: Tainan Arts Festival - Homemade Flavors
2017: After Game
2017: Tainan Arts Festival 1+1
2015: Planting Relations
2014-2016: The Journey of the Wind
2014: Taiwan Season, Edinburgh Festival Fringe - Kid Box
2013: Tainan Arts Festival - Mother
2012: Relationship
2011: Returning Home Singing
2010-2011: Under the Trace
2007: Audacious  Creation Collection
2005: The Dominique Yen Collection (1997~2006)