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Ying-Chi Chen Dancer/Performancer/teacher

Graduate in composition, Folkwang University of the Arts ,Germany Chung-Hwa School of Arts Danceteacher National Cheng Kung University Dance Research Societies DanceImprovisation teacher ,Work with Lais Creative Dance Theater’s rehearsal Assistant, work shop teacher Art+N “JAM PLATFORM”、“Good time・Cha Cha” Szuweiwudance/DIDI DanceTheater”Old Time”, Blooming-Grass Cooperative”囡Nan”, Lais Creative Dance Theater “Foreign land Experiment”、 “Stranger”,

Liao-Mo-Hsi Dance Theater “River of time”“Sea.Island”, in Germany work with Company Polymer DMT “Interface”, Pina Bausch Fortieth Anniversary - Stravinsky Night performe “Le Sacre du printemps”、”Wind von West”,Henrietta Horn“ AUFTAUCHER ”.

Jie-An Huang

Graduated from Tainan University of Technology .Department of Dance.

A member of Feng Dance Company since 2018.Participated in 2020 Asian Contemporary Dance Gala by Feng Dance Company .2018 the Feng Dance Company“New Wave”、TNAF City Stage”Homemade Flavors”.In 2017participated in the practice of “Gaze” and “Be on the Scene” in the Feng Dance Company TNAF1+1.In 2016,participated in cultural exchange and performance between dance troupe of dance department of Tainan University of Technology and Chung-Ang University of Seoul,South Korea.In 2015 to participated on Feng Dance Company “PLANTING RELATION” behind the scenes intern ship.

Tzu-Huan An


An join Feng dance company from 2018. He Graduated from Tainan University of Technology。He won First place in the 2014 National Dance Competition. He Participated in the dance department of Tainan University of Applied Sciences in 2015 and went to the yosako dance season in Hokkaido, Japan as a dancer. In 2018, he participated feng dance company in the dance [2018 New Wave] Taiwan-Hong Kong-Korean system: ldentity'' and Runway'' acted as dancers. He Participated in the 2019 National Student Dance Individual Dance Final, first prize.Formally Final, first prize.

Formally joined the feng dance company as a dancer in 2019.

Chih-Yin Li

Li,Chih-Yin graduated from Folkwang Universität der Küste, and went to 2019 Gaga intensive for advanced studies. From 2018 to 2020 performed in Folkwang University of the Arts Dance Department "Junge Choreographen", 2018 in Anneliese Brost Musikforum Ruhr Bochum "Appalachian Spring", 2019 in Zollverein in Rahmen Art Festival TRY AGAIN FAIL AGAIN FALL BETTER-Impuls Bauhaus, she choreographed "Walkin in the sun" "Change" "Evolution" "salvation", and collaborated with Choreographer Iñaki Azpillaga and Rodolpho Leoni collaborate .

In 2021, cooperation with Feng Dance Company,participate in the independent choreography creation project, "The soul lost in the darkness" as a dancer.
In 2021, Tainan Super Epidemic Plan, Boby Ari Setiawan "Ha Nga Ca La", as a dancer.
In 2021, Focus Dance Company will act as a dancer for free production, Li Zhenwei as a dancer for "Extraordinary", Yang Minglong as a rehearsal assistant in "Anonymous", and a duo choreographer "Unknown Product".
In 2020, dance and video collaboration "Beast" storyboard.
In 2019, Duo creation "Fake Break".
In 2019, acting as an actor in the "Fish" in the Taiwan season of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
In 2019, Taipei National University of Art Annual Exhibition, Jiri Kylian "Falling Angels", as a dancer.
In 2018, published personal creation "Tear"
In 2017, Taiwan Universiade,acting as a dancer at the opening ceremony.
In 2017, Leigh Warren "Never mind the bindies", as a dancer.
In 2017, Zhang Xiaoxiong's "Crazy" ,acted as dancer.
In 2017, Jiang Qi's "Song of Youth", acted as dancer.