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- By erasing the physical body of identity, Identity has a strong repression of self-subject identity through the metaphor of ink intrusion(by Performing Arts Forum Shih Chih-Ju)

–Dominique Yen has certain ability for scene dispatch's control and the theater source material. — PAR Magazine #134 

–Dominique Yen is one of the most creative Young Choreographers in Taiwan. — PAR Magazine#173

–Dominique Yen’s dance is mature and creative. —PAR Magazine#173

–Dominique Yen is a choreographer who is worthy to pay attention and anticipation. — PAR Magazine#182

– Feature report, an innovative and emerging artist. — NCAF’s online publication “Guo-Yi-Hui”, summer 2008 issue

– Dominique Yen is making a name who can create both Modern and Ballet . — Taipei Times

– What Dominique Yen places in BOX are the simple existence of self and street interviewees’ wishes. The production explores a fantastic realm of language, visual arts, drama, installations, singing and dancing. — Yang Li-ling, United Daily News

– By combining language with visual arts, drama, installations and well-sung dreams, Dominique Yen presented BOX as a diversity-infused work of performing arts. — Chen Rong, Central News Agency

– Dominique Yen created a fantastic realm of a ‘lesser man’ in this diversity-infused work of performing arts. — Zhang Xiu-zhen, Great News

– Spring 2012 see Dominique Yen leading young members of Fengdance to once again bedazzle Tainan minds with its annual production: The Relationship, as it keeps drawing gasps of awe from the audience in an enclosed black box. (by 「Taishin Arts Review」, China Times Tai Juan-ann)

– Immersed and Growing in the Hinoki Sawdust: MOM at the Tainan Arts Festival –“Fengdance is trading its signature exuberant style with inward reflections on emotions, which presumably underscores the producer’s personal struggles at personal turning points and emerges with a renewed perspective on life, as Mother undoubtedly testifies. (by Performing Arts Forum Tai Juan-ann)

–The Poetic Theme, Stage Arrangements and Metaphysical Elements of MOM – Mother pays attention to every detail from choreography, stage design, visual effects, to the bond between mother and son. It is an attempt to infuse poetic essence into dance. However, the literary nature of this production also becomes its restriction. (by Performing Arts Forum Li Shi-yong)

–“Light” in The Magnetic Field of a Child symbolizes a mother’s undivided attention paid to her child. Choreographer Dominique Yen interprets the poem “The Magnetic Field of a Child” with two dancers and a flashlight. The handheld flashlight creates light-and-shadow effects, representing alternate distance or closeness and adding dazzling variety to the stage with fluent body movements rather than human-unfriendly or difficult moves. (by Performing Arts Forum Mo Lan-lan)

– Dominique Yen’s literature-inspired The Magnetic Field of a Child boldly integrates the physically phenomenal interplay of light and shadows into a dance production. Using such elements as the angle of light source and its distance to the dancers, this multi-layered depiction of a mother’s childbearing process leaves the audience genuinely impressed with an ambiance that belongs only in their imagination. (An excerpt from DESEO: Incorporating Literature into Dance, by Performing Arts Forum Hsieh Yu-hsuan)

– Dominique Yen has presented dance productions of considerable significance that are stable in both quality and quantity, making her one of Taiwan’s top choreographers. Inspired by Yan Ai-lin’s poem “The Magnetic Field of a Child,” Yen ingeniously uses the interplay of light and shadows created by flashlights to build a fascinating stage space for pas de deux. Amid stark light-darkness contrasts, the dancers’ swiftly moving silhouettes indicate power, or Creators, at varying distances, leading to the dramatic tension in a theatrical setting. (An excerpt from DESEO: a Two-decade Old Wish, by ARTalks PoorBoy)

Edinburgh Festival Fringe:
1.    Stunning. No proposal!
2.    Thank you ! Kid Box deeply touches my heart and emotion. The Show is lovely, I hope more people see it. 
3.    Wow, Kid Box is stunning. Rips us from our sensory comfort zones, but with beauty, poignancy & purpose. 
5.    I have never scene a piece good art capturing the complexity & intensity between mother & child before. To achieve this is astonishing. 
6.    Marvelous fusion a movement, light, music & story telling, couldn’t make out  spoken word as I have a hearing impairment, so if any spoken word very important, a transcript would remove that barrier. 
8.    Very creative and impinge. 
9.    Very moving! Thank you for this gife, it was full of grace, poetry, and depth. 
10.    An inspiration for my design, thank you. 
11.    Thank you it was such a beautiful show, which seamlessly combined lighting, props, and extraordinary movement, it was beautiful.
12.    Every dancer is brilliant!