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Relationships – The Refined Version

Dominique Yen crossed the line between art and life in her creation, making the stage a home with furniture and creating a space for realistic and hyper-realistic imagination by integrating multi-media, music, images, and drama.

Multi-media soundtrack x combination of multi-media image design and real-time image design x dance creation x brand new choreography and direction x bodies and objects

In the field of drama, most properties used in dance performances are called small properties. This production is an experiment of combining bodies and large properties often used in dramatic theatres in dance.

Through the theatre, Yen presented the building of relationships as growing plants.

Building interpersonal relationships is like growing plants. In this piece, one’s relationships with others and relationships among others are illustrated through different states. Relationships come with different depths (shallow, medium, deep, etc.) and aspects.

What it looks like on the surface may not be what is going on inside.

Going through a relationship is like going through four seasons. For some relationships, there is no more Spring after Winter.

In a relationship, both parties need to make adjustments in terms of pace and rhythm.

There are disorderly and well-organized crossings in deconstruction and construction.

There are many sides to many things.

If one only sees the side facing him from his perspective, he won’t see the entirety.

In a relationship, there is propriety on moving upward, downward, forward, backward, left, and right.

What about the coldness and heaviness in relationships?

A cold feeling in the heart seems more piercing than the cold weather.

It is a kind of sharp coldness.

When being frozen, can the pain still be felt?

The hand of serendipity is nowhere to be found on the shelf, until the moment of my encounter with you / your hand, which I firmly hold.

We sat at the table, telling our stories. I didn’t look squarely at the real you. Occasionally, I set sight on the person sat opposite but only saw my image of you which I would like to see.