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This piece is a combination of the eastern literature and dance by transforming text into dance.

Feng Dance Company obtained the materials from local literature in hopes of crossing the boundaries of regions and countries through dance to deliver the most affectionate emotions and feelings. The text used as the references of this production include “Door”, “The Tailor”, and “Morning Glory” by Ya-Wen Chuang and “The Small Room” by Tsung-Che Yang.

From reading the text, the choreographer-director, and design team work together to reveal the feelings from the text, exploring the possibilities of breakthroughs in combining dance and literature so that more space for imagination can be extended from literature for the audience to step into the imagery of the choreographer-director, design group, and authors. The choreographer-director integrated life and living into reading and linked the four articles together to generate the overall concept and the core for story development, putting all the designs together to build in the land of Taiwan the most selfless love in the world, maternal love, in “MOM”.

The concept behind “MOM”

“Softened posture with a strong heart; Eastern cultivation in a western form”

Mothers are the greatest in the world although what they do seems very ordinary and simple. Mothers devote themselves to their children in every stage of their lives, giving them their warm and selfless love.

The word “mother” means a native land or a hometown.

A life’s value is based on its devotion.