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“At birth I opened my eyes and saw the world; at night I close my eyes and enter dreamland. Opening the box to see my dream; closing it to see the world!”

Cubes are ubiquitous in our surroundings: the briefcase we carry to work, the luggage we travel abroad with, the house, city and the world we live in, and even the Black Box Theater in which we watch this particular production. This dance production is an attempt of mine to derive an imaginary cubic interface from a box, and extend it to include the entire Black Box Theater and even the entire city, society or world…While the box is a stage prop, it is also a symbol and a metaphor. An old suitcase is used to represent a little boy’s simple dream. Later on, the boy’s journey is the successive temporal main axis, while the spatial interface is the secondary axis. Despite the surrounding spatial changes during the journey, the little boy’s dream remains intact inside the box.