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Planting Orchid

Form: The form of this piece crosses the line between life and art. It breaks the boundaries among dance, drama, music, and fine arts. It is a cross-field integration of the dance theatre and the multi-media music and images. The theatre retrieves soil from the ground and utilizes the furniture and the multi-media images to create realistic and hyper-realistic imagination of space and states.


Setting (4 seasons):

Through the theatric design, the stage becomes a home with indoor and outdoor spaces to create realistic and hyper-realistic imagination. (The main story line composed of simple dramatic structures and dialogues connects all the love scenes. Through the development of the romantic relationship, the building, development, and process of a relationship are elaborated. And then various states such as loving, being loved, recognizing, being recognized, trusting, and being trusted, within the relationship are further recounted. On the surface, this is a love story. However, the whole content is essentially about relationship building and development.)

One’s relationships with others originate with his expression to himself. When he is trying to tell a story about another person, this narrative reveals his opinions on others. When other people try to describe our images in their minds, the images they create are also different than us. Thus, having these interpersonal interactions is like planting orchids. If the relationship is harmonious, it would be like the saying, “being with a good person frequently is like being in a room filled with fragrance of orchids, as you may not be able to smell the fragrance after staying there for a long time, but the fragrance is already all over you.”

“Planting Orchid” explores the building and development of internal and external relationships in life and in living. Developing a relationship with a person is like planting a plant, a process from encountering, getting to know each other, and cultivating the relationship. And it takes attention and care with love and the sense of belonging to make the relationship grow and blossom. This time, through this cross-field piece of work, Feng Dance Company creates a space for realistic and hyper-realistic imagination on the stage in the indoor and outdoor spaces with the furniture and human behaviors. It is a challenge of interpretation and form of one thing from three perspectives. And the four-season alternation is like the flavoring to reveal the layers of states in a relationship.